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Cob House - not just a building

There is a transformation that happens when you contribute to building your own home. A personal transformation of increased empowerment and self-confidence. And a transformation in the relationship to home…it’s no longer a building with stuff in it, but a creation of ours, to be nurtured and cherished.

This beautiful home is the creation of the talented Kristen Klibo The cobwoman fb

via: Build Naturally with Sigi Koko


The Dance at Alder Cove - Youth/Father/Geezer  I see you


Excellent cob house with turf roof. I have no idea where it came from, but I simply must have it.

Who wouldn’t want to live in that thing? It’s like a giant twin mushroom with wrought iron and GRASS FOR A ROOF. I mean, perfection has been attained. It’s Seuss AND Tolkien all in one and I’m fairly certain that if you painted stripes into the lime wash you’d squeak in a Burton.

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